Have you noticed every advance in medicine is made extremely public? If there’s a newfound cure for cancer you’ll hear about it, if there’s a new medicine for anything you’ve got your doctor will tell you. Whenever there’s a step like this, it’ll get shown on TV, the medicine will get a commercial and people will buy it. While this section of health is almost overflowing with publicity, when was the last time you saw a commercial in nutrition?

Nutrition simply isn’t as profitable, so TV networks, companies and medical professionals all avoid giving advice on the topic. This leads to an oversaturation of medical news, but a lack of nutritional. You won’t see a commercial for honey, or for brand new medical research about power foods and the effects of them on our long term health. This is for the simple reason that there is no profit to be made in it, however what if instead of a monetary benefit, our lives got better instead?

People underestimate the impact of nutrition on their health, that is why we’ve made it our mission to educate here at Nutrition Health Tips. We want to help you attain optimal livelihood and enjoy a long and healthy life. To illustrate the benefits of nutrition: Did you know that just eating right can prevent heart disease and type 2 diabetes? These are some of the most deadly sicknesses of our time and yet medical professionals get very little training in nutrition, despite its ability to almost erase some of the biggest killers in first world countries.

We believe that the issue with this is simply: Lack of information. Imagine if everyone knew exactly what to eat to prevent heart disease, if everyone knew how to keep their blood pressure down only using natural food products?

If people knew just what food and exercise would do for them, the mortality rate would plummet, people would be healthier. We would have a much better, healthier society almost overnight. Now, we know that we cannot simply upload our website into the consciousness of every living human being, however if we can change the life of even one person, then our efforts will have not been in vain.

We base all of our articles in science, you won’t find any of that pseudoscientific content on our site. All of our articles are solely based on the newest in cutting-edge nutrition research. We aim to provide our readers only with expertly written articles that are filled to the brim with not only accurate, but also useful content. We want to help you eat, help you exercise, help you diet. The totality of our goals is simply to help you maintain your peak health.

We’ve set up our site so that you can easily access whichever niche of nutrition you want, we’ve even explored certain nutrition ‘facts’ which turned out to be myths, so if you’re in need for an objective view on nutrition, our site is your ideal destination.